Short Cuts 2017

Friday and Saturday  - 8pm;  Sunday  - 2pm

An entire festival in one performance!

26 playwrights, directors and actors collaborate on this fun, fast paced festival.  See 7 plays followed by food and drink (kinda like a party). 

Back in it's 4th incarnation. 


  • Exit, by Katherine Lawrence
  • Bear, by Angela Kemp
  • After Man, by Torien Cafferata
  • One Day We're Going to Soar, by Andy Carlson McNab
  • Roughhouse, by Mackenzie Brock
  • Rocky & Butch, by Todd Devonshire
  • Street Corner Playwright, by Kenneth T. Williams


Megan Zong, Kenneth T. Williams, Rob van Meenen, tBone, Charlie Peters, Yvette Nolan, Kenn Macleod, Heather Morrison, Katherine Lawrence, Mitchell Larsen, Angela Kemp, Lauren Holfeuer, Kristen Holfeuer, Alex Hartshorn, Sarah Grummett, Cynthia Dyck, Melanie Doerr, Colin Dingwall, Todd Devonshire, Andy Carlson McNab, Torien Cafferata, Mac Brock, Jared Beattie, Jim Arthur, Lauren Allen and Yvonne Addai.

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Short Cuts Festival

Ticket Information

General admission $15

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or 306-653-5191

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