For the artist

By handling the non-artistic production responsibilities, ON THE BOARDS Staging Company allows the independent performing artist to concentrate on being an artist first and a producer second.

ON THE BOARDS Staging Company maintains one of Saskatoon’s most active and dynamic arts destinations: The Refinery (located at 609 Dufferin Ave. in the vibrant Broadway area).

The Refinery has become known for independent theatre performances, concerts featuring emerging singer-songwriters and special events showcasing the latest in dance. OTB Staging Company ensures each production maintains a professional and consistent standard.

When an artist books The Refinery for an independent production, we ensure that they are not just booking an empty room. Our services support the artist throughout the production process.

Refinery theatreThe Refinery is a charming and capable venue for small-scale performances

  • The lower level serves as a spacious lobby with a 1950s era kitchen-table motif, ideal for socializing before and after performances.
  • The lower level also houses box office, a licensed concession, art displays and poster boards.
  • The upstairs theatre space is equipped to feature performances, Thursday through Sunday.
  • The theatre seats 120 when laid out as a three-quarter thrust stage. This space is flexible to be re-oriented into theatre-in-the-round, proscenium, cabaret and even dinner theatre.
  • With easy-to-move risers for seating, hanging blacks and a full lighting grid, the only fixed components in the theatre space are the tech desk and grid.
  • The technical inventory is designed with the capacity to regularly handle theatre performances or multi-act music concerts
  • Patron amenities: free parking and proximity to Broadway’s many cafes pubs and restaurants

RiderStage.JPGON THE BOARDS Staging Company also works with artists at their venue of choice. Please contact us to discuss your proposed project and how our artist services may support you.

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