Thank You

Published on Dec 17, 2016 Cynthia Dyck

To mark the end of 2016, and we would like to acknowledge the supreme artists and partners with whom we are lucky enough to work.  Meet some of the players in our exceptional community.

Happy 2017 everyone!

Thank you to our ON THE BOARDS Board of Directors.  They help us with pretty much everything and made 2016 dynamic.  Just wait to see what the board and staff has cooked up for you in 2017.  Happy New Year to all!


Paved Arts has been of huge benefit to independent artists of all kinds across Saskatoon. Without the Paved space, there would be a lot of excellent art that would go unseen and unmade.  Thanks for playing!


For three years Hardly Art Theatre created the Short Cuts Ten Minute Play Festival. In 2016, over 20 artists participated in creating something new. It is great fun for us to work on something brand new and we are very glad to be of any help to this wonderful festival. Enjoy this Throwback Thursday picture to the first Short Cuts, which is all too true, "we will never be the same".


We would not have achieved all that we have it were not for The Refinery and Emmanuel Church. They have given us a place to call home and provided much needed support to us, which extends to all of the artists that we work with. Thank you so very much.


Every year the Remix show allows us to re-imagine the beauty in every day things. Thank you for showing us how the ordinary can become extraordinary.


Thank you Double Vision for bringing magic to our stage with your shows.


Free Flow Dance Centre has been working with us for many years. We want to thank them for their creativity that inspires the community, and the dance that bring our stages to life.


SSO – Thank you for working above and beyond to share the symphony sound with more people in 2016 than ever before!  It was a pleasure getting to know your many patrons through our box office this year.


Thank you to the over fifty artist who took the artistic and financial risks of producing with Live Five in 2016 alone. You brought 5 amazing shows to Saskatoon audiences this year.

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Live Five Board of Directors – thank you for your care and the many hours of volunteer time you put in, to make sure Saskatoon audiences can enjoy another season of independent theatre.  It just wouldn't happen without you.


Thanks to The Broadway Theatre for sharing your music and podcast programming on our stage and at different locations in Saskatoon. Happy holidays to you!


Thank you Sylvia, for sharing your spirit, laughter, and of course, music, with over 1,000 children and their loved ones this year. We enjoy having you take us through the seasons each year! Thank you for everything, Sylvia!


Thank you Wide Open Children's Theatre for sharing your shows not just with us, but with communities across the province.  It takes a lot of upper body strength to keep those puppets talking all year.  Way to go!

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