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Lauren Allen On The Boards

Our new social media person

Lauren Allen has joined the OTB team this fall. You will see her in person at various events through the year helping with front-of-house, but where you will get to know her even better is through our ramped-up social media presence. Lauren is going to be keeping in touch with you – letting you know the goings-on of OTB via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Connect with the independent theatre, dance & performance happening in our city.

Lauren will be our ear-to-the-ground for what is happening across Saskatoon’s performing arts community. Connect through the link buttons on the top of any of our website pages.

More about Lauren

You might recognize her from involvement with a number of theatres in our city. A true modern thespian, Lauren juggles work in multiple area of the theatre. Besides her social media savey, she has acted with La Troupe du Jour (yes, in French), Sum Theatre, the Tightrope Collective at The Refinery, and has toured the province with Wide Open Children’s Theatre.

She left us for a couple of years to study theatre and musical theatre in Edmonton where she discovered a flair and affinity for tap dancing. Since returning, she has produced a number of cabarets around town, and in January 2016 will be producing a new show at The Refinery. When not on stage or producing she stays involved with the front-of-house team at Persephone, volunteering at La Troupe du Jour and also working in various capacities with Embrace Theatre.

In June, Lauren won a trip to Toronto to have dinner with Tom Mulcair.

On The Boards Lauren Allen Tom Mulcair

She comments on the conversation: “I didn't think that as a recent NDP convert who is 22 and a woman, that my political perspective would be given the weight that it was in the conversation. I was so impressed by him and his willingness to learn from what others around him were offering.” Read more about her evening on her blog.

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