ON THE BOARDS serves artists in theatre, music and dance in Saskatoon.

Training Opportunity : Streaming Live Theatre

Are you interested in learning how to video live theatre? For streaming, promotion, or maybe building your portfolio.

Large theatres with large budgets have successfully delivered live theatre to at-home audiences but can small scale theatres do it too?

We think it can be done well, we have just never needed to do it.  We think that video can be a vital tool for delivering live theatre, especially to develop audience outside of our small centres and to serve those who do not attend performances in person.


With support from RAIS (Recording Institute of Saskatoon) we are offering a program that brings video and theatre professionals together to find solutions to the unique challenges of delivering our live art form as a digital one.

The program will include both instructional seminars and hands-on practicums.

  • Between October and March, we will host 12 full day seminars facilitated by video and theatre professionals.
  • On the Boards at The Refinery will host the practicums under the supervision of a qualified video project manager.


This program is being designed for theatre practitioners who want to learn how to incorporate video into their theatre practice (eg. directing, design) or want to diversify their skills to work as a member of a video crew.


We will be onsite at The Refinery theatre in Saskatoon for both the seminars and practicums.  We will accommodate participants from outside Saskatoon as much as possible through scheduling and zoom options.


The bulk of the program will be offered between October and March however, practicum opportunities will continue into summer 2023.

Some of the topics we will explore in the seminars:

  • The Picture: Telling story with the camera. Camera position and framing verses the theatre director’s stage canvas.
  • Lighting: What does the camera sees verses the human eye? How does lighting design for stage transfer to video and how can you accomplish both?
  • Sound: Recording sound to reproduce the live audience’s ear. Dealing with issues of body mics, capturing voice and secondary room sound.
  • Live Stream verses pre-recorded: pros and cons, equipment and expertise needed.
  • The Team: how do the videographer and theatre director work together to tell the director’s story?  Preparation leading to the day of shooting.
  • Pre/post show: How do we bring the at-home audience into the theatre experience with live shots, graphics, and pre-taped video?
  • Projection Design: Using video within the live show.
  • Budgets: what are realistic expectations for small scale theatre’s limited funds?

Who Can Participate

  1. We are accepting 15 core participants who will be expected to attend the seminars and participate in at least 4 practicums.
    • Scheduling is always a challenge so we are offering the program with continuous intake until March.  We will do our best to work with your schedule.
  2. Others only interested in specific topics, lighting for example, will be able to attend individual seminars.

Both groups will be able to participate in the practicums however the core group will have priority.


Core participants: Thanks to funding from Canadian Heritage there is no cost to the core participants.

For others attending only seminars: $30 per seminar.

For more information contact Cynthia Dyck

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Executive Leadership: On the Boards Staging Company

Start Date: June 1, 2023

Location: Saskatoon, SK


On the Boards Staging Company seeks a visionary leader to continue to create and develop an environment for independent performing artists to thrive in the Saskatoon community.


The Call

On the Boards is looking for new leadership to take the organization into its next incarnation.  The organization’s founders, Executive Director Cynthia Dyck and Technical Director Jim Arthur, are retiring. The landscape of the local arts community continues to evolve and change. On the Boards seeks new ideas and leadership models that will further the mandate of the organization.

The Company

On the Boards Staging Company is a not-for-profit theatre service organization located on Treaty 6 Territory and the homeland of the Métis.  Incorporated in 2006, OTB operates as a support hub for self-producing performing artists and small arts organizations.  Initially developed to establish a performance venue to host independently produced theatre, dance, and music, the organization has expanded through time to stay responsive to the community’s needs.  OTB manages the Refinery venue in a time-share relationship with Emmanuel Anglican Church.

OTB’s mandate is to foster independent live arts production by providing opportunity and support services for performing artists and artist-producers, especially those lacking the corporate and technical structure of a professional arts entity.

As a support organization, On the Boards builds essential relationships at every level, from sharing a venue, to supporting artists’ and small arts organizations’ productions, to being a resource to larger arts organizations in Saskatoon.  Generosity and knowledge sharing are key working principles of the organization.  Reliability and consistency demonstrate On the Boards’ respect for those they work with. The company strives to ensure a positive, professional experience for the artist, and ultimately, for the patron.

Current Programming

Flagship Program (established 2002)

  • Leases, equips, and programs the 120-seat Refinery venue (a professional performance space).
  • Works with over 200 established and emerging artists annually; assisting with more than 35 productions in theatre, music, and dance. On average, 55% of the productions are original work.
  • Provides technical services for live performances, box office management, front-of-house coordination, and supplementary promotion to enable artists to delegate their non-artistic responsibilities.

Creation Phase Services (established 2016):

  • Provides rehearsal and workshop space, skill development tools, and mentorship opportunities.
  • The Open Storefront Project utilizes empty commercial properties to provide free creation space to artists for rehearsal, workshops, and training.

Video Project (established 2020)

  • Develops On the Boards ability to live stream performances.
  • Trains theatre artists to use live stream technology and incorporate it into their work.

Considerations for Future Programming

On the Boards programs and resources are designed in response to artists’ needs.  Through 2021 OTB gathered feedback and input from the arts community to understand their priorities as they look forward.  The following are the top three:

  1. Venues
  • There is still a strong need for a performance venue that is accessible to independent artists and small arts organizations.
  • Creation space continues to be at a premium.
  1. Diverse community
  • Artists would like to see the performing community encompass art that reflects the diversity in our city.
  • There is a need to reduce barriers and nurture relationships with artists of diverse experience, backgrounds, and artistic voices.
  1. Technology
  • Artists are embracing the trend towards the use of more technology in production, especially digital. Those working independently need access.
  • Besides digital creation and projection design there is an interest in live streaming to augment live audiences.

The Candidate

To date On the Boards has had co-leadership.  Proposals from individuals, teams and organizations will be accepted.

As the leader/s of the organization the candidate/s will be responsible to:

  1. Develop and deliver programs and services that enhance the artistic climate for professional independent production in Saskatoon.
  2. Operate a venue that maintains professional standards and prioritizes independent and small-scale production.
  3. Maintain and develop meaningful relationships and partnerships.
  4. Promote and advocate for the status of independent artistic production.
  5. Be a strong steward of the physical and organizational assets on behalf of the artistic community.
  6. Seek funding through government, foundations, and private sources to support the administration, development, programming, and the capital costs of the company.

Qualities, Competencies and Skills

  1. Minimum of twelve years' experience in the professional arts, performing arts preferred
  2. Has a vision for the organization that aligns with the mandate
  3. Takes ownership of their vision and initiatives
  4. Can initiate programs and collaborate well with others
  5. Ability to coordinate/manage/produce
  6. Can build and work with a team
  7. Strong communication skills
  8. Understands the moving parts of the artistic process and one’s role within it
  9. Computer competence and writing skills
  10. Financial awareness: develop and manage a budget and report to the board


The Refinery, our primary performance venue has stairs.  It will be necessary to spend some time onsite.

Compensation for Leadership

The compensation package range is $60,000 to $75,000 to be negotiated with the board.


To Apply

Letter of Response or Proposal

The hiring committee is most interested in how your vision and leadership will take this organization forward. Please provide a one-to-two-page letter explaining how you work and how you will approach this role.  It could include your vision, your artistic statement, your working model, and/or a profile of your work.  Consider your strengths, the areas you would need support and what your ideal team would look like.

Send your Letter of Response or Proposal and resume by January 20, 2023 to apply@ontheboards.ca

The Process

Your information will be shared with the hiring committee and the present management team, Cynthia Dyck and Jim Arthur.  The committee will include members of the Board of Directors and individuals from the community.  Efforts will be made to avoid conflicts-of-interest between applicants and individuals on the committee.

After review, the hiring committee will select applicants they wish to invite for an in-person conversation to begin in February.

If you would like more information about the organization contact us at apply@ontheboards.ca.  This email will be monitored by Jules Mercier, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors