ON THE BOARDS serves artists in theatre, music and dance in Saskatoon.

The Company

ON THE BOARDS Staging Company is a non-profit organization operating on a unique, alternative model for producing independent performing art in Saskatoon. We support artists in staging their work by maintaining an accessible, professional venue and providing collaborative production services so they may focus on being an artist first and a producer second.

Our vision is to create an environment for the live arts to thrive in our community.

Our mission is to foster independent live arts production by providing opportunity and support services for performing artists and artist-producers, especially those lacking the corporate structure of a professional arts entity.


In 2001, a new space had opened in Saskatoon: The Refinery Arts and Spirit Centre, a multi-use facility developed for community use by St. James’ Anglican Church (now Emmanuel Anglican Church). Part of the building was purposed into a small performance space suitable for theatre, music and dance performances. Since then, hundreds of independent artists and performer-producers have staged their art at The Refinery.

Incorporated in 2006, ON THE BOARDS Staging Company grew out of the gap lying between what rental facilities such as The Refinery provide and what producing artists actually need. Besides an artist-friendly venue, independent performing artists need access to expertise and resources in the technical and administrative areas of production.

ON THE BOARDS Staging Company fills this need as an organization dedicated to assisting independent artists overcome the many barriers, duties and details required to stage their art for public performance. Our technical services, box office management, front-of-house coordination and supplementary promotion enable artists to delegate their non-artistic responsibilities. This ensures a positive, professional experience for the artist, and ultimately, for the patron.

We serve artists in theatre, music and dance in Saskatoon.

Board of Directors 2022

  • Lisa Bayliss (Chair)
  • Jules Mercier (Vice Chair)
  • Kurt Holfeuer (Secretary Treasurer)
  • Jennifer Dawn Bishop
  • Michael Fisher
  • Tara Schoonbaert