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5 shows and the option of a 6th

 Produced by

Live Five

the Live Five 23-24 Season


The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine

Presented by Two Bees Productions

Running Oct 12-22

The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine is an exploration of anger in a long-term relationship through comedy. Earnest and Earnestine are recently married and move into their new home. There we see the seeds of anger take root in their relationship as each wrestle with their own faults and take out their frustrations on each other.


The Josephine Knot

Presented by The Hagstone Collective

Running November 9-19

Baba has died, and now Samantha and her father must navigate their complex feelings around the death of the family matriarch. Samantha drifts through thoughts, memories, and her grandmother’s wake, grounded by dextrous performances from two actors who must shift seamlessly through time, space, and eleven different characters.


A Brontë Without Genius

Presented by Planter Box Theatre

Running Jan 12-21

Meet Lucy, a woman whose life is not in order. On the evening she fails to defend her master’s thesis, she is visited by the very woman it was about: Anne Brontë. A Brontë Without Genius follows the story of two women in their late twenties grappling with what it means to be successful, what it means to fail, and what it means to be forgotten.


I Have No Idea

Presented by In The Headlights

Running Mar 14-24

I Have No Idea is a hilarious and poignant look at adult ADHD through the eyes of people who have it. Using laughter and songs, we celebrate the stories and illuminate the struggles of four neurodivergent people navigating their way through society and the mental health system. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll think.


Oblong and Oboe: Stirring the Pot

Presented by Oblong and Oboe

Running May 9-19

Oblong and Oboe are royals who've been raised to really, really love tradition. But, unbeknownst to these red-nosed rule-followers, the Rabble is getting rowdy and stirring up the masses. You are invited to join the revolution in this highly interactive physical comedy that puts an innovative twist on a classic comedy form.


But Wait! There's More!

Venture off the beaten path with Live Five's +1. An optional addition to your season pass, our +1 offering is dedicated to supporting a local creation that pushes the boundaries of traditional storytelling.


Live Five's +1:  Bat Brains or let’s explore mental illness with vampires

Presented by RedRum Theatre

Running April 18-28

Part Dracula, part Mr. Bean, part Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Bat Brains is a vampire clown play, a surreal mime show, a something. It follows a vampire, named Scud, who never leaves the house. But when a surprise visitor appears at his door, Scud is launched onto a madcap journey into the depths of his home, his mind and beyond.

May 18, 2024

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Season Passes are closed.  Please visit current shows website for tickets to any of the great shows in the 2023-2024 Live Five Season!

More about your Season Pass:

  • Your pass buys you one admission to each of the five shows in the season. (or 6 if you bought the +1)
  • Your seat is not automatically reserved for a specific night.  You must reserve for each show. (you can reserve online or by phone)
  • You will receive an email reminder when each play is coming up, but if you do not make reservations, we can not guarantee a seat will be available.
  • Your pass can be used by another person.  If you are not able to attend a performance, we encourage you to let someone else use your pass.  We just need to know that when the reservation is made.

Purchase tickets on-line or by calling our box office at 306-653-5191.

Your season passes will not be mailed.   They will be waiting for you at the box office for pick up when you come to the first show.

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