The Emmanuel Church Connection

On The Boards St. James Church Saskatoon

This month, our audience is invited to watch the performance of Richard II in the beautiful sanctuary of Emmanuel Church. This is not actually as big a leap as it might seem. Many of you might not know that The Refinery Arts and Spirit Centre is the brainchild of St. James' Church - now known as Emmanuel Anglican Church.

In 2001 The Refinery began as a multi-use facility when St. James’ opened the doors of their old parish hall and invited the community to fill it. Part of the building was purposed into a small performance space suitable for theatre, music and dance performances and since then, hundreds of independent artists and performer-producers have staged their art at The Refinery.
ON THE BOARDS Staging Company was formed in 2006 as a separate non-profit organization and inherited the responsibility of the arts programming. While performances happen on the weekends, the week days are busy with a variety of classes - yoga, meditation, children’s writing to name a few; and a host of other community gatherings. Emmanuel and ON THE BOARDS continue to work in partnership to make The Refinery one of most diverse and active venues in the community.

Emmanuel’s welcoming spirit and forward-thinking continue to pay off for the community at large. Last year alone, over 11,000 people visited The Refinery. And during Richard II many will have the chance to enjoy the atmosphere of the church sanctuary itself. (note: while you are there, take in the stained-glass windows along the sides of the sanctuary, created by Saskatoon artist Lee Brady.)

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